How it works...

What Happen during treatment?

If your physician determines that the Swiss DolorClastŪ is appropriate for you, he or she will locate the point of maximum tenderness at the area to be treated. Your feedback to the physician is of great value as it will ensure that the treatment is focused on the appropriate area. The physician will then apply a coupling gel to this area and will gently hold the DolorClastŪ applicator against the skin as the shockwave impulses are administered.

Once the treatment begins, the shockwave impulses are delivered at a low pressure, which is slowly increased to the desired level. This approach will allow you to gradually adjust to any discomfort so that no anesthesia is required to complete the treatment. Application of the treatment will usually take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Radial Shockwave Therapy using the Swiss DolorClastŪ requires an average of 3 sessions spaced between 7-10 days apart in order to realize the maximum benefits of the treatment. Your physician may also want you to return for a short follow-up visit in order to assess your response to the treatment. Side effects are rare but may include a temporary increase in your pain, local bruising, or skin irritation. You should notice a gradual decrease in pain at the affected area over time. Significant improvement occurs over a period of 3 months after your final treatment, but many patients experience significant pain relief in just 1-2 weeks following the first treatment.

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